Thursday, 7 May 2009

Why write at all?....

I wanted this blog to be a bit like an online diary, in relation to my daily life and how i'm making changes for the better to stay well and happy despite the ED battles.

I know it's not a popular blog and I haven't really promoted it very much but I get more out of reading the other peoples blogs and just having somewhere to vent and clear the jumbled thoughts in my head, just to write it all on a page is theraputic.

I suppose what dissapoints me a little, is that there was a couple of people whom I asked to read it.... non-bloggers, family members, that I wanted to read through my entries, a couple of times a week. It's not that I can't communicate with these people, quite the opposite in fact. I just like to talk to them about other things, in this busy life we all lead... if I were to spend all evening talking to them about the stuff I write here, there may be a little time to do anything else, you know, the LIVING life everyday stuff.

Also, I may not be able to get across what I'm trying to say while we're watching TV, doing homework etc. it may come out wrong and make me feel worse for bringing it up. Airing my thoughts this way, is more practical on many levels.

The idea was that they would read it and it would help them to see how I go about helping myself more clearly, PROMOTE UNDERSTANDING. So they don't need to worry.... of course, verbal communication is always ideal and we do do that- it's just that it usually ends up in a bit of conversation where i'm saying "Yeah but.... yeah's not like that..... LISTEN to me!" and so forth.

And writing it all on here enables me to get it out- be heard. And hopefully shows that I AM trying to keep things going well on the ED front.

Please just read.

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