Wednesday, 8 April 2009

2 posts today! This ones fun though!!!

Very quick post here while i'm having my lunch at work... I know I posted early today but I just had a lovely little thing happen...
I just popped over the road, to go get ciggies & a drink on my lunch break. I've been calling in the green grocer next to the newsagents and buying little punnets of blueberries to go with my usual sandwich at lunchtime and they're absolutely delicious! So ripe and tasty from there, not like the ones from the supermarket. It's always the same lady in there, with her old fashioned brown over coat, like they used to wear in green grocers before everything became modern and clinical and she counts your change out back into your hand and wraps your goods in a brown paper bag and swings it at the edges to twist it sealed.
Well, today she said to me 'Oh hello... you came in yesterday for blueberries? Do you like our blueberries?'
And I proceeded to tell her how I love them with my sarnie and that they are so lovely from here and she'll probably see me everyday. And somehow, it made me feel nice- like maybe every day, I'll have a quick conversation with her and if I miss a day, the next time I go in, we'll joke about 'how I didn't go in yesterday as I'd got some apples that needed eating' or whatever!

I just felt happy she'd remembered me, like, I'm not invisible and sometimes people aren't caught up enough in the rat-race of business and making-money and all that, to just take your money and not look at you or have any desire to possibly want a conversation.
I just wanted to share that.

However...when I'd sat back down at my desk with my sarnie & blueberries on my plate, I discovered i'd put Marmite in with my peanut butter and white cabbage and I can confirm (haven eaten it all anyway) that blueberries and Marmite DO NOT GO WELL... just in case anyone would have reason to think otherwise ;)

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  1. i too love that community feel. i have made friends with a women in a local sainsburys. we spoke for a while, then exchanged books, then emails. wouldnt it be nice if we could go back to a more community spirited life. i think it would make us feel safer. and they still use brown paper bags in greengrocers!