Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Away with the fairies

So glad it's halfway through the week... feeling a little 'floaty' today.

I feel a bit detatched, kind of like, there's nowhere I really want to be today; It's hard to explain- maybe I'm just needing to do something out of routine to shake myself up a bit. I don't even know if i'm happy; i'm a bit emotionless and empty, like I have no opinions or cares about much- I don't like it though. What I hate most, is how every day is so different as regards my moods, attitudes and outlook yet every day is pretty much exactly the same as regards it's content and events. Stability might be nice- (I think- don't know)

So, will veer off with a casual little thought that I had about footwear!

I love these boots (pic- it's a bad quality pic!)

I got the Doc Martens WITH A HEEL in January- I saw them and instantly had to go buy them. They're patent shiny black and SOOOO comfortable. And I can get away with them for work, under my trousers. I wear them 'victorian' style with long floaty skirts too. But I have to be in the right sort of mind-set to wear this look- it's more 'grown-up than my usual attire, in which I often end up looking like a hormonal, rebellious teenager with issues.

The other boots are made by a company called 'New Rock'.

I got these for christmas and they are also my top, top, top favourite boots in the world!! They have a steel heel and are very comfortable also. But only for going out or after-dark occasions.

Unlike clothes, footwear is usually JUST footwear. My feet are always going to be the same size regardless of how many apples or suet puddings I eat and I have no 'measurement' hang-ups with footwear, it's impossible, which is GOOD!

Only hang-up I can link to footwear is when I believe that the style of the footwear 'makes my legs look chunky'.

Which may well be true- as regards whether they are ankle boots or flat trainers etc. That can give the illusion of a person being shorter or taller and having a different posture to another pair of shoes. I won't put certain footwear with certain clothing items for that reason. And people DO notice- they'll say 'Gosh, you're really short!' Which i'm not.

I like it when I see someone in footwear I wouldn't expect them to have on. I could explain that one further but feel it might be just a little to 'deep' really, when i'm delving into 'footwear pyschology'- and, I daresay, not neccessary! Xx

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