Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Je n'ai rien et tout pour dire...

Just thoughts floating round my head, creating an alternate world, an unreachable idealistic place that doesn't really exist and wouldn't ever happen and if it did, I want to be somewhere/ someone else anyway...I love France and the French culture and their clothes-style and their lifestyle and the language and their accents and the cheeses and wines and fancy breads . I want to live in a small coastal town in France, in a pretty, narrow, cobbled street. With the aroma of fresh baked croissants and strong black coffee, in the early morning air. I want a French bicycle with a basket, or just an old, large wheeled, slightly rusty, black bicycle and I want to ride to the market, in my floral dress and fill my basket with fresh produce- vegetables, fruits, fine cheese, quality wine, fresh flowers.

I love France. Many holidays in France as a child. With family, with school. Husband hates France and the French; he's never been there.

Too much going on to write anything.

I could talk for hours but I'm choosing to stay silent.

I'm very worried BUT calmly accepting the anxiety, fed by a very REAL source.

Just some health fuck-ups. Maybe they're not as bad as I imagine or maybe they're worse.

I can't write, currently, as I don't know how to feel, so I've put my feelings on hold and consequently can't write. But I AM happy. IAM HAPPY and I'm SMILING.
It's not the ED. It's about something bigger than that

Bien Vivre
L'amour beaucoup,
De rire souvent!

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