Tuesday, 21 April 2009

What's their problems with 'AGE & BIRTHDAYS??'

This is something that I would put down as one of my biggest bug-bears!

I actually find myself boiling up over this and yet, people poking fun at each other for being 'nearly 40' 'or 'getting too old' or 'another year down the pan' is all I hear whenever one of our friends has a birthday. AAARRGGHH!!

Maybe I am just being a litte too deep over this. I guess due to the lifestyle I have and have had, partially due to choice, partially down to ED, I believe I have had my fair share of luck in a many ways, as regards my health and illness and for that, I am VERY grateful!! Yes, the ED curse has shaped and affected and grey-tinted my world and the way I live and, is going to be a continuous battle in order to stay well BUT for everything else on the health front, I need to realise that I AM someone, who has not incurred serious illness or disability during my life so far.

I have done some terrible things to myself, as a result of mental ill-health. I have put my body under enormous stress and I have experienced some dreadful mental illnesses and my family have had to deal with all that too. But I am still here.

It's my 33rd birthday on Saturday and I, like every year, am thankful and delighted that I am alive and (touch wood) healthy.

Why would I groan or complain that I have reached another birthday? Would I have rather been one of the unfortunate who lost their life during this passed year? No. Would I have rather died and not been able to carry on living and being with my family? No. Is there things I still want to do in life, places I want to see? Do I want to watch my son grow up and be there for him? Do I want to be a granny with tattoos? Yes. Do I want to hide my husbands false teeth while he's asleep for a laugh? Yes. Do I want to be retired and sit in the garden sipping wine, havin a fag, chatting up the 'young gardener lad' ? YES!

Ok, none of us want to experience age-related illnesses and losing our memories or having any of the problems that can occur as a result of 'getting old'.

But those things don't always happen.

Just like when we're young or middle aged. Some people die, maybe they were a friend or a family member. Maybe someone who lived next door, someone at work, someone you used to go to school with, the young lady who worked on the ciggie counter in Tesco... maybe they were in a tragic accident... contracted cancer, had an un-detected heart condition... whatever it was, however old they were, 12, 21, 51.... they aren't here NOW and won't be here again- and that makes me sad. And makes me wonder why it's such a joke to be another year older, when to me, it's an honor.

Sorry if this offends anyone... It's something I have very strong feelings about... as you now know. Xx


  1. hi sar

    you should of been born in the east. the older are always seen as wiser. its good that you can appreciate the things you have, keep reminding yourself. and thanks for the tips, ive put some into action. thanks.x

  2. Have you tried the Horlicks yet? Glad some tips were useful, I know when I put enough wholesome food in my body, it really does change the way I function, for the better. I don't know an awful lot about m.e. (3 people in my year at school suffered with it though)but I would imagine that getting enough quality nutrition would be really helpful.
    As regards my birthday, I just need to bite my tongue and not be rude when people start the comments on Saturday about 'how old i'm getting'... breathe deep and smile.. Xx