Friday, 17 April 2009

Sod Prozac- dose of seaside where it's at

Sings... 'Oh, I do love to be beside the seaside....'

And I do. Well, at least MY seaside, which is Swanage Bay. It's our family weekend get-away that never fails to enduce smiles on all our faces all at the same time and fully refreshes and revives us, however crap the previous week/ month has been.

We pretty much do the same stuff everytime we go and it's always as good as the time before.

It's become our 'special' family place and this time was, as usual, fantastic. I was going to ramble on a lot about holidays past and present as I have a lot to share but I will save that for another time, as I feel really happy for seeing these pics and don't want to ruin that right now. So, here is a couple of weekend pics of us doing what we love most.

This is my son Max, in the beer garden of a local pub 'The Red Lion' where mostly, it seems, the locals drink. We sat sipping cider, people watching and chatting and feeling the 'whooze' of a 5 o'clock half pint, with salty lips and wind-blown tangled sea -hair and colour in our cheeks from exposure to the goodness of all that is 'seaside'.

Check this out for a beautiful morning sun glow! It was the best feeling in the world to be stood there, no wind- warm sun, smell of sea salt and fish&chips and sound of light waves breaking. Was truly heavenly!

This is Max and I at Old Harry Rocks. Just behind where I'm positioned, is a very narrow piece of cliff that is extremely dangerous. You can walk along it but few people do, as the drop either side is straight down vertical into the sea. I was genuinely terrified to even sit on the grass for this pic although the views and the rocks are beautiful, they're white chalk and the sea below is very blue and clear.

Swanage Bay pier late evening time.

Max on Weymouth Beach, after the pedaloes and much needing ice-cream for re-fuel- kids!!!!

This is a view from a cliff by Durdle Door, near Lulworth Cove. Just spectacular.

Me & hubby in Lulworth Cove, chilling, enjoying the fact we were back at our place where we all connect as a family, make each other laugh and somehow seem to all be on the same wavelength and just get such a lot out of 'being in each others company'.

Weekends like this are truly special and I find them a great aid in getting things into perspective. The trick is, holding onto that when they're over. Xx

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  1. love the pictures and what wonderful weather. the bay looks a picture. its nice you can find somewhere which you all enjoy. keep enjoying.