Monday, 23 February 2009

Buying too much or too little at the supermarket

It’s food shop tonight and it always manages to turn into a bit of a lark about (if my son decides to grace us with his assistance in trolley dashing thru the aisles) which is kinda good as it’s something that can be a bit of a bind, especially when it’s busy! Being a bit of a ‘list’ person, I’m always armed with a post-it note of ‘definate purchases’ and unlike my dear husband, DO NOT buy things because I will get 10 free ones if I buy 1 (he likes a bargain but its rarely stuff any of us are EVER going to eat).
And anyway, I was thinking about how I tend to get my knickers in a twist over something really quite silly…. I was thinking about how I get so anxious having either too much or too little of a certain food item(s) in the house. E.g. I like to have enough of the things I will eat but NEVER too much- its like if I buy it and then don’t eat it, it will be such a waste… but if I don’t get it and then next day, really want that thing, I’ll be cross at myself for not getting it…. And I began thinking how really very silly that it, REALLYY… I guess it’s a learned behavior and a proper ED trait that still hangs on. I sometimes think that if there is very minimal choice, I won’t have to make a decision about what to choose… So I have decided to CHALLENGE IT (Wa-hey, another one!) and meet myself halfway…. I’ll get a bit of variety but small amounts of it and if a few blueberries end up in the bin cos they’ve gone soggy, it’s NOT a problem!! Also, instead of rigidly saying to myself ‘ Tomorrow, I eat this, this this..’ I’m gonna think ‘Tomorrow, I’ll see what I fancy when I wake up and take it from there’. And then go and spend too much time flapping over what colour boots to wear LOL!!!

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