Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Day Dilemma

I forgot it was Pancake day- my son must have forgot too but one way or another, when a work collegue asked me if I was going to be cooking pancakes tonight for my family, it kinda threw me off track.

On a Tuesday, my hubby is always out doing football and so we never have a family meal together on a Tuesday anyway. I usually use this meal oppurtunity to eat something that I really enjoy that the other pair (hubby & son) don't i.e. fish or veggie burgers.... because I genuinely do love salmon, tuna, quorn etc (not just an ED safe -food thing-anymore). They hate fish. Quorn they will tolerate but prefer not too.

The thoughts that ran through my head in the space of about a minute are as follows:

- 'Max will want pancakes- haven't got any stuff in- I can go get some after work- I don't know what's in them- need a recipe-oooh, what will I have??- I don't want to cook pancakes-will I have pancakes too?- what about my usual meal?- maybe they work with wholewheat flour-NO, why would I want to do that, Max won't like them if I use that- he won't want 'proper' dinner then- he'll just eat sugary pancakes instead and i'll have my usual dinner...No, I should have pancakes too- it's just 2 of us eating tonight and he'd like it if I had them with him....AAArrgghh WHAT TO DO!!!!!'


Firstly- I said 'whoa! Stop!' to myself.... then, I had a conversation with myself that went as follows:

'Sar, what would be so bad about having pancakes with your son?'

and mightn't you just know it- bit of an ED reaction from me-

'Because they're a bit scary-fried, greasy pancakes with all that sugar everywhere'.

'OK- Max can have as many as he likes for his meal-Its PANCAKE DAY!- you join him- make a couple for YOU- one small savoury with hummus etc served with some grilles veggies and then one sweet one, not too big, with some of that delicious white chocolate spread on it, then you've had a normal, balanced meal as you should have ANYWAY'..... And that settled it for me. I'll let you know the outcome tonight but this needed to be put in place Grrrrr !!ED must be CHALLENGED AND BEATEN!

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