Friday, 27 February 2009

The voice of sense..... from me

Came into work today- needed to go get sugar & milk for communal fridge... male collegue sat opposite said:

"I'm starving, haven't had brekkie today, will you get me a brekkie sandwich from Tesco?"

So I said ok- what filling d'ya want...?

"Actually, NO, I don't want one- i'll get porky, leave it!"

(Bearing in mind he's NOT porky and eats very well/ normally/ nutritiously)

At this point, I looked at him and said

"No, you NEED to eat something, your body needs fuel in the morning and it's perfectly ok to have a sandwich for essential energy- you have work to do, you NEED it!"

And another collegue looked at me, gave me the thumbs up, and said

"Too right!! You tell him Sar! That's exactly how it is"

Might sound like a trivial thing but for ME to say that to someone and actually be using that advice myself right now, made me FEEL GOOD!

I got him a sandwich. All's well ;)

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