Saturday, 28 February 2009

Wierd 'shakes' today- bit scary!

Had a sudden attack of shakes this morning.... I'd already had brekkie, which was lovely- soaked Alpen with bran oats, chopped kiwi and vanilla soya milk- Yum! I'd been up about 2 hours and was just making coffee about 10am when it came on. I don't remember the last time that happened but I can recall occasions from a LONG time ago. It's like, I don't feel faint but my breathing is shallow and my whole body shakes. It leaves me feeling quite dazed for hours after and It scares me as I'm not sure what causes it. I sometimes think it might be when I took my meds later than usual at night or if it's to do with electrolytes (THAT'S what really scares me) or if it's just because I'm sub-consiously fighting ED thoughts and it just affects me physically???
I know i've been looking after myself really well and it's upset me to have this happen when I was so looking forward to making the most of the weekend. Anyways, I got a Trek Bar down with a cup of herbal green tea and lay down for a bit... it worry's my hubby though and I don't like that... It's like he may think I'm not doing enough to keep myself healthy when I'm trying so hard and actually really getting a lot out of trying to live well. I think he does know.... I guess I get frustrated when something like this happens and I'm doing everything right.
Oh well..... after lunch we're popping out to get some shopping etc so I'll see how it goes- bye for now X

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