Saturday, 21 February 2009

Foods Wot I love

Flapjack OMG For the moist, buttery taste and feel and my mouth... a true long-standing fave

White Chocolate Must be milky bar, dessert pots- icecream- THE BAR-melted on flapjack! (I've never done that... yet!)

Horlicks This is a truly under-rated beverage that I miss so badly (got to get this back in for bedtime bevvy- its SOOOO good!)

Peanut Butter I love this stuff spread on toast with white choc spread. This is a recent achievement for me to have got it back into my daily menu

Alpro Soya Milk (longife in a carton is best) I drink this with lunch sandwich and on my cereal and is one of the best tastes EVER!!! I LOVE ALPRO SOYA EVERYTHING!!!

Hoummous Again, bit of a struggle with this (Bloody E.D. tut tut) BUT... I have had it on my sandwiches EVERY day this week. Healthy, tasty and versatile

There are many more, I love Miracle Bars, Larabars, Trek etc. Wholefood bars which I SOOOO look forward to as my 11am snack at work. My challenge is to successfully incorporate these back into my menu plans and feel GOOD with it..... challenge the voices- remember I'm worth it, I'm worth it,I'm worth it ( I was always 'Worth it',ED just makes me forget sometimes)

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