Thursday, 12 March 2009

Breakfast 3 -some!!!! Oooh!


Just a quickie post here, I got a little exited about some 'experiments with flavours' that I did. I see so many of you out there with wonderful food creations and mine are comparitively unexciting/ unadventurous but these were quite an achievement for me. I was a stickler for having everything in ready-made portioned labelled packets/ quantities, so to mix it up and have many different things together was a bit of a challenge BUT it's a good way to NOT be able to pick over everything and evaluate the content and is good for the freedom feeling it gives me around food. So- I had these:

I did them in little portions. I got Oats with warm malted milk (Horlicks- YUM!!!) and All-bran with vanilla Rice Milk and oats + warm vanilla rice milk & white choc PB.
I ended up nibbling a bit of each and it was a taste sensation!! And just enough to equal a 'full portion'. So, if in future, I can't decide what to have- i'll do this again and have a bit of everything. I guess that works across the board with nutrition- a bit of everything (as long as it's enough, of course!)
And.... only because I never tried this flavour and it was delicious! Banana cookie Larabar- and I spread some white choc PB spread on top too- with a cup of coffee made with hazelnut-almond rice milk.... good eats day, taste wise!!!

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