Friday, 6 March 2009

White-choc-PB RE-VISITED!!!!!

Ok, so I JUST CAN'T get that White Choc Wonderful here in the UK so I tried to re-create it last week- problem is, I think, I heated it up to mix it together (the PB & White choc spread). It kinda burnt......!! So, this morning I re-did it with some PB & Co Smooth stuff that I found in Tesco (wow! they do have some good imports but not enough!!

AND.... I think it just may have been successful.

I started with these 2 lovelies above........................

And chucked them in my blender- there was loads of oil on top of the PB that had seperated so I knew it would mix together pretty good! I blended them all up and could smell the beautiful aroma of both white choc and PB- ahhhhh!

I washed out my 2 jars with hot water n kitchen-roll dried them. It mixed beautifully and it kinda 'peeled' away from the plastic bowl without any sticky mess!! No waste!! Yea!

Ok, so pic not too good here- I had buttery fingers- but I re-filled and labelled my jars and stuck em in the fridge. I think I will keep one jar in there to 'keep' and the other in my cupboard so it's at room temp for optimum spreading and melting!

I already made my lunch sandwiches today and SOOOO wanted to use this on them instead.... And I'd just finished breakfast (sad face!) But..... I may swap my mid-morning TREK bar for an apple n dip of this..... Yes, that's a good idea. BTW... for my lunch I always have a sandwich during the working week, which is usually chopped white cabbage with either: cashew nut butter & marmite OR hoummous OR fruit butter spread & turkey BUT ALWAYS with white cabbage. It goes with anything and crunchies up my sarnie and, being bland in flavour- it just 'works'.
Gotta go for now, but will be back later to rant about my day!


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