Friday, 6 March 2009

Physical ailments, makes me wonder...? RANT

I don't know... I get soooo confused and frustrated. I had a GP appointment today to get some blood taken- just for general thyroid, counts, anaemia etc. I mentioned about the wierd shakes I'd had last week (I posted about them earlier in week) and asked what might cause it or what it may be.... the nurse said maybe I should moniter it and come back and see my GP if it happens again but to start with, just see what the blood tests show.

AND I suppose it just got me to thinking about how I look after myself and if it's enough and how that NOW... after sooo long, I AM really trying to do the best thing for myself on a daily basis. But not just making sure I get all my nutrients and energy but also that I try and conquer the negative thoughts that flood in.

Anyway.... I just get tired of thinking about it sometimes- you know.... and I wish I wasn't like that but it is.

However... I'm alive, I'm smiling (yes, I am!) and it could be a lot worse AND
it IS Friday and I'm looking forward to a good weekend, I have 'things' to do, pleasent things with my family and so I will focus on enjoying that instead. Xx

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