Thursday, 5 March 2009

REAL rockin' ladies that make me feel positive


Kari Byron

Juliette Lewis

Cristina Scabbia

After my last couple of posts, I decided to cheery things up a bit and share something that I have in my little 'Book of Positivity' where I write random thoughts, feelings etc (well, used to, it's all on here now!)

The media gets a lot of stick, and rightly so sometimes, for portraying un-healthy attitudes from celebs and all that ( it's the kids I worry about, I AM old enough to know better).

BUT there are a few out there that I find pretty aspirational. I know it's a very personal thing and depending on our own interests n personality types, we all see something different in everyone/ everything. The women I have pictured, all for me, make me feel happy and positive and watching them in action, doing what they do etc. sometimes helps me to shake off bad thoughts about myself. Each of them also portray a sense of really enjoying life and not taking stuff too seriously and doing what they love, WITH ATTITUDE!! They make me wanna get up and shout ' Yeah! Go girl! Cos life is fantastic!!!! Just live it!' Not too mention their truly wicked dress sense and non of that mega-skinny-i-don't-drink-beer stuff goin' on, which I take as a breath of fresh air.......... to me, these are ladieeeez who live, AND I LIKE IT.
(NB: I realise sometimes celebs have very real problems that don't always outwardly show and that these ladies may well have their own 'issues' but I am speaking from a viewpoint of how they come across to everyone in the positive way that they do for me, based on what I know about them from interviews, media coverage etc.)
So, who are they and why do they rock????
First pic is Lin-Z from a band called Mindless Self Indulgence. She is also married to the lead singer from My Chemical Romance, another damn good band. I don't know an awful lot about her exept that I love their music and love reading about her antics and looking at her outfits and watching her play guitar- she looks like she enjoys what she does and rocks hard. Love her hair, make-up and everything about what she does and way she does it.
Kari Byron (from Mythbusters)
This girl is wicked!! I sometimes watch Mythbusters just to feel better if I'm a bit down-poor-little-me stuff goin' on. If i'm thinking about deffing my afternoon snack or something crap like that, I'll watch Mythbusters and think to myself 'Kari wouldn't def her afternoon snack, she'd get it down her neck and get on with her day' which might sound a bit cheesy but I'd bet it true!!
She's always smiling and she's such a tomboy with great style and lots of gutsy attitude. This girl is one of my true faves for feel good time.
Juliette Lewis (movie actress and lead singer 'Juliette & the Licks')
I saw this band at V Festival in 2007 and this lady knows how to perform big style!! As a rock-singing bird in a band full of blokes, she is just sensational! Her vibe is amazing and I love reading her interviews in music press. I love the fact as well, that being over 30 DOES NOT MEAN that we need to lose the spirit of being young and wild and having a bloody good time doing it. Again, wardrobe is bang-on style-wise and I'm lovin' her!
Cristina Scabbia (lead singer in band 'Lacuna Coil')
This is definately a 'last but not least' one.... to me, she is ultimately bloody wonderful.
In my opinion, Cristina is not only lead singer in one of my favourite bands (they ROCK!) but also one of the most stunning women I've ever seen. She seems so level headed in her interviews and so in-touch with what she does, it just makes me feel really good. Her voice is amazing and playing her stuff loud in my car is the best medicine for a down-day. Best of all, her clothes and outfits are my favourite out of all of them and I have a lot of clothes myself ,very simular to stuff she wears (i've always been a bit of a rock chick BTW!).
So, there we go..... sometimes other people can have real positive influences as well as bad (which is all the media seem to focus on!) And these lot sure do rock my world.

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