Monday, 30 March 2009

Monday or Me?

I have a lot to say today but don't really know how to say any of it.
I suppose that would be because I don't know how I really feel today. I know how I want to feel... and that would be a result of the effort I try to put in through looking after myself, eating well, challenging negative thoughts, focusing on that 'half FULL glass' (not the half that got spilt and had gone flat anyway! Ooh Sar, so negative!!) and all the things that make life so productive and great.
Maybe it's a Monday thing.
Or a the fact that we were robbed of an hour yesterday (it takes a good couple of days to get over that hour being swiped).
Or it could just be that I'm having just TOO much going on in the old noggin and I need to filter it during the course of the day and see what's left.
I felt a bit crap at the weekend, like I was going to have a flu virus or somethin' simular. And the takeaway we got on Saturday night may as well have been something I fished out of the canal. Had we actually eaten it, I might have died painfully. No more to say about that though, just won't use them again.
Right- it's a bit of a Monday thing and a bit of a SAR thing.
AND... a tosser in a BMW didn't stop at the crossing for me today.

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